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  • Anglais 1984

    George Orwell

    Plongez en VO dans ce chef-d'oeuvre absolu. Pour vous aider, des traductions en marge vous permettront de bien comprendre le texte original. Ce texte en VO fait partie des chefs-d'oeuvre de la littérature anglo-saxonne.

  • Anglais Fahrenheit 451

    Ray Bradbury

    First published in 1953, this is Bradbury's prophetic dystopian vision of a weird but too distant future where happiness is allocated on a four-walled TV screen, where individuals, eccentrics and scholars are outcasts of society and where books are burnt by a special task-force.

  • Terrible events occur at an isolated hotel in the off season, when a small boy with psychic powers struggles to hold his own against the forces of evil that are driving his father insane.

  • Anglais Ubik

    Philip K. Dick

    A tale of artificial worlds by one of the great SF writers.

  • Anglais Blade runner

    Philip K. Dick

    • Orion
    • 14 Septembre 2017

    The film tie-in edition of the cult classic

  • Anglais Misery

    Stephen King

    Hodder are boosting Stephen King's backlist with new covers, new author brand lettering and a marketing campaign which directs readers to the right King title for them.

  • Nouvelle collection de lectures progressives en anglais pour faux-débutants (adolescents et adultes).

    Victor Frankenstein a réussi à donner la vie à un monstre mais celui-ci viendra le hanter...

  • Anglais Carrie

    Stephen King

    Stephen King's legendary debut, about a teenage outcast and the revenge she enacts on her classmates, is a Classic. CARRIE is the novel which set him on the road to the Number One bestselling author King is today. Carrie White is no ordinary girl. Carrie White has the gift of telekinesis. To be invited to Prom Night by Tommy Ross is a dream come true for Carrie - the first step towards social acceptance by her high school colleagues. But events will take a decidedly macabre turn on that horrifying and endless night as she is forced to exercise her terrible gift on the town that mocks and loathes her . . .

  • A riveting, high-stakes political story like UNDER THE DOME, a love story like BAG OF BONES, a 1950s community like IT, Stephen King's incredibly ambitious, heartstoppingly dramatic time travel novel, 22/11/63 is a WHAT IF? novel like no one's ever read before - a one thousand page tour de force.

  • After three years in prison, Shadow has done his time. Two days before he gets out, his wife Laura dies in a mysterious car crash, in adulterous circumstances. Dazed, Shadow travels home, only to encounter the bizarre Mr Wednesday claiming to be a refugee from a distant war, a former god and the king of America.

  • Plongez en VO dans le magnifique roman épistolaire et découvrez, noatmment à travers les lettres de Jonathan, l'histoire du comte Dracula. Pour vous aider, des traductions en marge  vous permettront de bien comprendre le texte original. Ces textes en VO font partie des lectures imposées pour les classes de Première dans le cadre du nouveau bac de 2020.

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  • Anglais Fight club

    Chuck Palahniuk

    Every weekend, in basements and parking lots across the country, young men with good white-collar jobs and absent fathers take off their shoes and shirts and fight each other barehanded for as long as they have to. Then they go back to those jobs with blackened eyes and loosened teeth and the sense that they can handle anything.

  • Anglais HYPERION

    Dan Simmons

    • Orion
    • 1 Mai 2011

    A new edition of the classic space opera novel, now in the }SF Masterworks{ series. 'Unfailingly inventive... bears comparison with }Foundation{ and }Dune{' }New York Times{

  • A cat-and-mouse suspense thriller featuring a retired homicide detective who's haunted by the few cases he left open, and by one in particular - the pre-dawn slaughter of eight people among hundreds gathered in line for the opening of a jobs fair when the economy was guttering out. Without warning, a lone driver ploughed through the crowd in a stolen Mercedes. The plot is kicked into gear when Bill Hodges receives a letter in the mail, from a man claiming to be the perpetrator. He taunts Hodges with the notion that he will strike again.

    Hodges wakes up from his depressed and vacant retirement, hell-bent on preventing that from happening.

    Brady Hartsfield lives with his alcoholic mother in the house where he was born. And he's preparing to kill again.

    Only Hodges, with a couple of misfit friends, can apprehend the killer in this high-stakes race against time. Because Brady's next mission, if it succeeds, will kill or maim hundreds, even thousands.

  • Un thriller de la collection Yes you can (Harrap's) : VO intégrale avec traductions en marge pour mieux comprendre le texte original.

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  • Anglais Spin

    Robert Charles Wilson

    After witnessing the onset of an astronomical event that has caused the sun to go black and the stars and moon to disappear, Tyler, Jason, and Diane learn that the darkness has been caused by a time-altering, alien-created artificial barrier and that the sun will be extinguished in less than forty years.

  • Anglais Princess Bride

    William Goldman

    Fantasy & magical realismThe classic swashbuckling adventure story featuring pirates, giants and terrifying beasts, with a new jacket treatment to attract younger readers. First published in the 1970s, it's from the author and screenwriter of many films, including Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. It was also made into a cult film by Rob Reiner in the 1980s. One of the most brilliantly clever and funny fairytale satires ever written. Ages: 12+.

  • Anglais Neverwhere

    Neil Gaiman

    Under the streets of London there's a world most people could never even dream of. A city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, and pale girls in black velvet. Richard Mayhew is a young businessman who is about to find out more than he bargained for about this other London.

  • Anglais Dune

    Frank Herbert

    • Gollancz
    • 18 Octobre 2007

    Science fictionA new edition of the classic sci-fi fantasy novel, which spawned many sequels and won the first Nebula Award and the Hugo Award on its firts publication in 1965. 'I know nothing comparable to it except The Lord Of The Rings' Arthur C. Clarke

  • Anglais Market forces

    Richard Morgan

    This is a future thriller by Richard Morgan.

  • Anglais Christine

    Stephen King

    Hodder are boosting Stephen King's backlist with new covers, new author brand lettering and a marketing campaign which directs readers to the right King title for them.

  • An atmospheric tale of corruption and abduction set on Mars, from the author of the award-winning science fiction novel Altered Carbon, now an exciting new series from Netflix.

  • Anglais Aurora

    Kim Stanley Robinson

    • Orbit
    • 14 Octobre 2014

    Our voyage from Earth began generations ago. Now, we approach our destination. A new home. Aurora. Brilliantly imagined and beautifully told, Aurora is the work of a writer at the height of his powers.